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Chris held his pale eyes.

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She was practised in the art of dealing with other predators and looking away was as good as admitting defeat. Gods of New Furor, she hated the lofty look that had settled in his eyes. Was this man really that confident he could take her?


Shoving aside her rising anger so she could think more clearly, Chris realized with a pang that the answer was yes. Chris was dreaming if she thought she stood a chance against these two. This is my partner, Gus Terrel.

Chris initially dismissed them as plain silver bangles, then saw the dozens of unobtrusive small amethyst stones worked into them. If she drew on all those power reserves, she could kill me with one decisive blow. The thought was a terribly uncomfortable one, but Chris was reluctant to shake her hand. In fact she was hesitant to touch any part of Iris Donovan. Chris could imagine that voice making other women shiver. Lesser women. The chilling authority in her voice quieted Chris. It has to go. Iris gripped the hem of her shirt and violently yanked it up.

Something inside her throat tightened. Gods of Furor, she was becoming wet just thinking about it. Mouth dry, Chris let Iris tear the shirt off her.

There was a slight ache when her back hit the wood, but before Chris could ponder why the pain thrilled her a little, Iris resumed what she was doing. Hands that were usually so gentle had become firm and heavy, hell-bent on exploring every inch of her. It was a slow and terrible tease, and it was becoming very hard for Chris to concentrate, especially with Iris looking at her intently and watching her every reaction. She was still dazed from the kiss and from her tormented body. What she wanted was for the other woman to continue. To fondle her breasts, maybe slip in between her legs.

Hell, her underwear was soaked by now. Iris looked amused. Gus now stood in front of them. Chris helplessly looked up his still slick body at the hard muscles of his chest. Her eyes then widened. The intricate scales of a serpent curled over his left shoulder and coiled around his waist.

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That is until his cousin returns to Cornwall from America. The irrestibile and carefree adventurer, Sir Jack Bartholomew, finds himself caught up in protecting the alluring servant who has so captured his heart. But with Jenna, a mere servant girl, betrothed to another man, Jack realizes he is certain to be denied his overwhelming desires.

Then destiny takes a turn and a stormy encounter with Lord Edwin seems to seal Jenna's fate. Set amidst the harsh and windswept moorland of 's Cornwall, A Fateful Wind tells of hidden secrets, familial destinies and a love that can never be denied. Suzette Stone. Merry Christmas to all! Wishing you a wonderful holiday season and a happy, healthy New Year! My Scottish romantic adventure, Highland Arms, is set in the wake of the Jacobite rebellion of Five years after an ill-fated Jacobite rebellion, Rory Cameron works as a smuggler to raise money for the cause--until Catriona uncovers a plot against him and exposes his activities.

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Although it's an historical mystery, it includes a bit of "romance" as well, when my sleuth Mary Wollstonecraft is obsessed with artist Henry Fuseli and tries to move in with him and wife! My other umpteen books are on my website. Hope you get a time machine for Cmas! Mainstream Romance written for every woman ebooks and print books

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Or love could claim them both and unravel two countries in the process… Alexander suspects Chloe is not who she says she is and has declared war on the angelic vixen who's laid claim to his heart. A fierce battle of the minds it will be, for once the truth is revealed they will both have to choose between love and duty.

Eliza www. Happy Christmas, everyone! Happy Holidays! Both are available at Amazon. Justin also has a secret he's hidden from everyone his entire life or so he thought. Quite innocently his small daughter, Debby, stumbles upon his secret and is shocked by what she finds. She confronts her father with the awful truth, and together they embark upon a journey which takes her father from the darkness of shame into the light of victory. Drawing from true events in her own childhood, author Diane Craver captivates the reader from page one to a stunning climax which will touch your heart and impact your life forever in this must-read story of love's triumph over adversity.

I also have copies if anyone wants me to send an autographed paperback version. Merry Christmas, everyone!

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Merry Christmas everyone! My historical fiction is based on the King Arthur legend and the premise that Arthur had a daughter and brings her story to life. The House of Pendragon I: The Firebrand Despite the collar marking her as a slave of Dunn na Carraice, young Lin is fiercely determined to retain her pride and keep her family intact.

That dignity bears a price, for Lin has drawn the wrath of Modred, the youngest prince of Orkney. His single-minded quest to break strong willed Lin--by any means necessary--nearly succeeds. Although Lin is accustomed to the death, disease, rape and famine that runs rampant in the slave hovel she calls home, it is when her beloved brother Dafydd is placed on the auction block that her warrior spirit becomes apparent to all who challenge her, and the shocking secret of her lineage is finally revealed.