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He then trained under a few high-profile chefs in Austria and Chicago and began cooking for the Obama family in , when Barack Obama was in the Senate. Kass eventually developed a reputation in food and agriculture circles as someone who, for better or for worse, could get things done, often by deftly leveraging federal agencies.

Chefs to world's powerful dish on feeding the influential

Kass, who led the meeting, reminded everyone that school nutrition was a top priority for the president and was worth digging in on. The coalition succeeded at blocking much of the omnibus threat to the mandates, as House Republicans tried, during spending negotiations, to not only get one-year waivers for struggling schools but also roll back parts of the nutrition standards for all food sold in schools. The rider instead allows states to give schools a break on whole grain rich requirements if they can show hardship and keeps sodium limits at current levels until more science supports the stricter limits that USDA proposed for and beyond.

The School Nutrition Association, which represents 55, cafeteria workers, cheered the rider language.

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The group is lobbying aggressively for the rules to be relaxed further. This is an issue the first lady cares deeply about. The White House is rumored to have already made its pick for the post, one that will be announced in the new year.

One possibility is thought to be Jessica Leighton, a senior nutrition science adviser at the FDA who is now splitting her time at the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy, where she serves as the assistant director for nutrition. Would Bill keep the garden? Skip to Main Content.

From Barack Obama to Justin Trudeau, these chefs know exactly what to feed world leaders

Continue to article content. The school-lunch changes have led Mrs.

Barack Obama's chef on sale

Obama into a public spat with the School Nutrition Association, an industry-backed group that represents school cafeteria workers and food companies that sell to schools. The group has lobbied Congress to weaken the standards, arguing they are a burden on financially pinched districts and a big reason why kids are throwing their lunches into the garbage.

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A House Republican-led effort to allow some districts to ignore the new lunch standards altogether failed to advance in Congress, but requirements for more whole grains in school foods will be eased instead. Nutrition advocates say anyone who hopes these issues will disappear with Kass will be disappointed.

She handles menus for official White House entertaining, such as state dinners.