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Music therapy is another field that also utilizes vocal skills. Should you go ahead and pursue a degree in music, remember to gain some business and entrepreneurship skills to help you get your music out there. I am a freshman in high school and I am striving to be a music major. Any ideas to help me? You say you want to be a music major — which implies going to college; you either have to have your GED or finish high school to be considered. Whether the stress is academic, social, or both, there are ways to address all of it while keeping music in your life. Please let us know how things go.

I am a junior in high school and I have planned on going into the music business. Recently my parents have not welcomed the idea and recommend I go for a simple music degree instead. I am just worried that not choosing a specific goal under the umbrella of music will leave me open for failure. If you have any information, I would be extremely thankful! You are smart to be thinking ahead in the way you are doing.

Most new and recent music school graduates find that they must have more than one if not several streams of income in order to pay their rent and buy groceries, etc. I am currently a senior in high school, about to graduate. I am very interested in pursing a career in music and have thought about various careers.

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Throughout the past year I have been interested in music therapy and music education. I was just wondering what the best tips were for that—especially when it comes to majoring. I was thinking about getting a BA in music and then going from there, but I honestly have no idea. Any information would be very helpful! Read the popular music click here and music industry click here articles on MajoringInMusic.

Also consider summer music programs for helping hone your thinking. I have a passion for music and I would like to be a performer, but my singing abilities are minimal and I can not play any instrument. I also like to dance and have performed for 4 years, but I stopped for 7 years now. What should I do?

What Can You Do With a Music Degree? 70+ Careers & Salaries Revealed

If you want to major in music to become a performer, you will need to get started with instrument or voice lessons now. By your senior year, depending on which schools you apply to, you will need to be ready to audition with enough proficiency to be a serious candidate for admission. Listen to many genres of music, attend concerts, and get involved with you school band, choir or orchestra as soon as you can.

Remember, though, that you can take lessons and play music whether or not you actually major in music. You can also minor in music at many schools, even join an ensemble or band without being a music major.

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If you are passionate about music, find ways to keep it in your life regardless of what you pursue in college and afterward. I am a 25 year old with some scattered college credits in music theory and some general classes. Is this a possibility? You will also find schools where you can major in music education and minor in composition. And to confuse you even further, you can find schools like Benjamin T. But i have been interested in music since a long time. I play the guitar and an intermediate level and try to sing. Nothing else except music interests me as much.

I always keep trying to find ways to somehow change my field of study and do something about my passion for music. Not sure if i am eligible to get in a college to study music. You can check out some of the covers i have done using the URL given. But, I eventually want to be a singer songwriter. I would really appreciate any guidance you give. If you attend a college with a music department, see if you can have a guitar faculty member in the music department evaluate your proficiency on guitar.

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Note that liberal arts schools allow for more exploration before declaring a major. We suggest you read the songwriting articles on MajoringInMusic. A degree in business could be useful to you if you do want to pursue this interest, assuming you gain entrepreneurial skills in addition to business savvy.

Gaining a background in music theory and composition would also be helpful. A passion for music is something that will get you through life.

We hope you will always find joy in music regardless of how you end up incorporating it into your life. Performing music —— solo and with others —— is something many people find incredibly fulfilling, regardless of whether they do it professionally. It is really hard because I live in a small town in Delaware where the nearest studio is 4 hours away, but I cant see myself doing anything else.

We hope you are reading the articles about music industry here on MajoringInMusic. It takes far more than just a love of music to be able to work in the field, but passion is also extremely important. Also check out the article on college record labels. Drexel also has a program worth checking. I started playing piano when I was four, but had to stop when I moved to Germany I was 11 at the time so I picked up the clarinet. I became very good at it and this year I made it into an international honor band.

Last year I started playing cello and I started the tenor saxophone, French horn, and restarted piano this year. I practice between one and two hours per day and I love it. The only job I can think of that requires those kinds of skills is a band director. Are there any other jobs that need multiple instruments? As a multi-instrumentalist, you would have more to offer ensembles and orchestras. Another career that requires proficiency on several instruments keyboards, guitar, and voice is music therapy.

If you do pursue music in college, you will most likely need to audition on one instrument and make that your main instrument. And whichever instrument you do decide to focus on, you can still play your other instruments and take lessons on them as well.

As you progress in your study of music and your instruments, you will find many other paths open to you, such as teaching, directing, composing, and so many of the options listed in this article. Stay open to the possibilities. I am a General Studies Major with a concentration in Music. My passion has always been music. I love to play my instrument but not so much solo aspect. I like teaching others about music. I will be graduating this spring, Spring I just need advice on what steps can I can take to become a music therapist, theory teacher, or band director.

Any advice would be helpful. Thanks in advance.

What Can I Do With a Major In Theatre Arts?

Several of your questions may be answered by reading the articles on MajoringInMusic. We also suggest you talk with music teachers at your school. While many people without a music education degree do go on to teach students through their private studios, they may or may not have the pedagogical skills to be really good teachers and must build their studios over time in order to expect any kind of reasonable income stream from them.

Band directors typically have conducting training and experience. Also will the degree teach techniques to help you with your performer skills? A large percentage of music educators at every level continue to perform.

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PhD programs are also widely offered in ethnomusicology, musicology, and music theory. We highly encourage students interested in graduate training in music to become members of the College Music Society and to attend their conferences. Hello, I am a junior in high school and know that I want to do something to do with music when I go to college and choose a major and career. Would getting a degree in simply Music qualify me to be a band director? Band directors are also music educators. Depending on what level you want to teach and conduct, you may need a graduate degree as well.

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You may need to rethink your choice of schools based on what you learn. You should apply to more than one school anyway, so look at schools that do offer music education as a major. Hi I am a senior in high school and I have a passion for creating music. Although I am capable of playing a bit of several instruments, I want to pursue a career as a performer. I want to know if going to a school of music will help me get there.

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If not, what can I do to be able to reach my goal.