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Eventually, this was agreed to but where was their piece of carving to be added to an already completed staff? Ngati Kuri is a tribe of people who descend from Po'hurihanga who sailed the waka Kurahaupo into the Far North of what is known as New Zealand today. He married Maieke who was from the tribe Te Ngaki which lived at Takapaukura. Today the five main tribes of the Te Hiku o te Ika descended from their daughter Muriwhenua.

Early Māori.

He married Maieke who came from the tribe Te Ngaki. Before there was Ngati Kuri there was a tribe called Ngati Awa. But Ngati Awa sorted themselves out and thought of a clever ruse. They sacrificed their dogs they were the only dogs of that kind and as a result they became extinct and used their skins to make the shape of a whale and stuffed it with ferns. They put it in the water and the enemy tribe thought it was a whale and went out to kill it. While they were trying to get the fake whale Ngati Awa snuck in and killed them all!

Ngati Awa renamed themselves Ngati Kuri kuri means dog to remember the fact that they were saved by killing their precious dogs. About Living Heritage.

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Schools' Stories. Two warring tribes come together for peace, only for one tribe to do the genocide thing on the other. The King's son manages to escape and vows revenge. As the victors return home, the son follows them through the cursed "Dead Lands" filled with witches and a huge cannibal warrior. The film was extremely interesting for the first 50 minutes. I thought it should have been shorter. The film is told with subscripts.

The end has a slight twist. No swearing, sex, or nudity. Sometimes "last of For different reasons of course. And while the main story is pretty straight forward and you can see where it's going there are some gems here and there. The action scenes are pretty well executed. My Maori is not up to the task, but the acting seems more than decent too.

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Talking about tasks, the question is is our main hero up to it? Being put in a situation, no one wants to be in, but sometimes you are forced to be in, is more than difficult. On the other hand, you have his mentor, who has some issues of his own. The dynamic works well, though you have to be open minded with what it means to be them or live in that sort of environment - if you can't get down with that, it can be dreadful to watch. The Dead Lands follows in the tradition of great Samurai and Western films of the past while presenting action that is surprisingly modern and incredibly well presented.

Tweetienator 18 June Fine little action movie settled in pre-colonial New Zealand Maori tribes - reminds me a little of Mel Gibson's Apocalyptico with a far smaller production of course - but not a cheap looking one or Rapa Nui A fine revenge trip into long gone times - the actors are also very good, very believable in their roles. Just good. Raven 12 October These formidable Maori warriors from long ago slip into the forest with confidence that their heinous deeds will go unpunished.

They believe deeply that such violence feeds their glory. They did not concern themselves that Hongi, a young warrior from the village they destroyed and burned, slipped away with them. They did not much hesitate to enter the forbidden dead lands where a legendary fighter is rumored to rule and reside. Into this fearsome land of bones they go, pursued by the solitary Hongi and soon a new menace that none of them imagined. SnoopyStyle 8 August Hongi is the young smallish son of Maori chief Tane. They receive a party led by Wirepa, son of the chief of the neighboring tribe.

Tane hopes to make peace but Wirepa desecrates the dead and blames it on Hongi. Wirepa uses it as an excuse to attack during the night and massacre the tribe. Tane curses Wirepa as Hongi survives after getting thrown down a hill. Wirepa decides to lead his men through the Dead Lands where a spirit supposedly eats trespassers. Hongi follows them looking to kill Wirepa for revenge. He recruits the spirit to hunt down Wirepa and his men.

The Journey of Te Pūtea Matua: our Tāne Mahuta

There isn't much to the story other than a simple revenge. There isn't anything new other than some good Maori fight action. The acting is perfectly natural. The characters are simple. There is a supernatural side to the story but it's not really elevated. It may be more compelling to make this more of a fable and increase the sense of the supernatural spirits. This is a little too basic. The two films are way too similar for the similarities to be mere coincidences.

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Even so, it turns out to be quite enjoyable as a straightforward action flick. The story involves an upright, youthful hero whose tribe are massacred by enemies who then escape on foot across a barren and inhospitable landscape. He gives chase but can't hope to tackle them alone, so employs the services of a powerful and infamous warrior who eats the flesh of man to help him. Elsewhere, the film is heavy on the action, although not quite as grisly as you'd imagine. The good news is that the action direction is fine, with choreography allowing you to see the protagonists instead of over-editing things too much.

Greetings from Lithuania. The story here isn't bad, but it is so uninvolvingly made that i finished watching this movie in like a week - seriously. I just didn't care AT ALL about two main characters, i didn't connect to them and i couldn't care less about the outcome.

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I liked the landscapes although, nature is very beautiful in here, but sadly that is the only positive thing i can say about "The Dead Lands". Overall, "The Dead Lands" isn't a terrible movie, it isn't a very bad one either, it's just that i tries mix some genres, but fails to create a simply involving movie. The story is very simple, but that isn't a problem. Problem is that couldn't care less for this story - editing, directing and especially script are very poor. Acting was OK just by the guy who played this "flesh eater" - everyone else were very quickly forgettable. There are plenty more better movies in the market, you can skip "The Dead Lands". A less-than-subtle attempt to make murder and mayhem appear justifiable by cloaking it in tribal Honor and duty. In fact its rubbish, full of ignorant and brutal violence, and macho-male BS It unfortunately perpetuates the myth of indigenous peoples being uncivilized heathen which couldn't be farther from the truth and does no service to the Maori peoples. Waipoua may well contain the biggest remaining population of North Island brown kiwi, with numbers reaching into the thousands. The native forest parrots, kakariki and kaka are occasionally seen but are no longer common.

More abundant is the NZ Pigeon or kukupa which plays a vital role spreading the seeds of many plants. Fantail, pied tit, tui, grey warbler, shining cuckoo and kingfisher are also fairly common. It contains regenerating kauri and codocarp forest and is the habitat of the kiwi and kauri snail.

The kauri snail is found only in New Zealand, is carniverous and has a distinctive brown, glossy shell 3 inches in diamater.

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The Pupurangi kauri snail is carnivorous and captures and eats worms. As manuka tea-tree is an ideal cover under which native trees grow, it is being planted over former grassland in the reserve. The entrance to the reserve is four kilometres down Marlborough Road. The brochures cover more than 28 walks, including all the main ones in Waipoua Kauri Forest. This is a wildlife sanctuary - please NO dogs. The History of the Forest The Maori tribe Te Roroa are the Tangata Whenua people of the land, they lived here for hundreds of years, snaring the still to be seen Kukupa native wood pigeon.

Why the forests are so important Kauri seedlings need plenty of light, so kauri trees usually begin life growing amid manuka scrubland in forest clearings formed by windfall or fire. Website by: Netlist.