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The characters alter by their experience. Some who are the abandoned girl-orphans growing up become manifestations of characters loosely conceived from Greek myths. One main character is "the deb" the debutant who is the daughter of a slut named Chrysanthemum a manifestation of a fiery red Mongolian wrathful deity, a figure of enlightenment ; given the hardship of having such a mother, the daughter grows up to be Artemis whose avatars are a Silvertip grizzly and the Silver Wattle Tree. One minor character is Hera, a harridan who is abusive to one of the abandoned orphans.

The intent of this work is free rein of the imagination, as if "on a run" pushing it as far as can be to break through to have it "unite" with a sense of being real. The intent is also that one as reader have the sense of seeing one's separation from one's own senses in living in our society as our separation from paradise and as reading, to have even a tactile as well as mental sense of union with that paradise.

Though since it is real, paradise as the book's reality includes also terrifying events of the actual world as well as daily events, sometimes humorous. Images by Jess and Masami Teraoka an octopus sucking a woman are part of the meaning of the text, as if the images are memories of events in the lives of the characters who have only single memories arising occasionally, or are devoid of memories until these begin to break through.

The Public World/Syntactically Impermanence

Kiki Smith has given permission to use images from her Spinster Series, included as part of my text. Her figure of a girl from her already existing series is used as a reference to a figure of a girl in the emerald dark. The images by these artists are thus real events already existing outside, already experienced in the text independently, neither illustrating the other verifying each other as part of a huge background of sensory events.

The inside of action and of being in these actions at the same time? The characters, the deb debutant , the distaffer, and the base runner, with their avatars? Akin to Henry Darger?

This work, possibly referencing a cyber Alice in Wonderland is based in the sound of words intended to make a sensory realm, as if the characters while not having senses, have these given to them as the writing being all of the senses. May Green and black : selected writings by Leslie Scalapino Book 3 editions published in in English and held by WorldCat member libraries worldwide.

The tango by Leslie Scalapino Book 2 editions published in in English and held by 87 WorldCat member libraries worldwide "The photographs of monks in formal debate were taken by Leslie Scalapino at the Sera Monastery in Tibet. Sightings : selected works by Shin Yu Pai Book 2 editions published in in English and held by 75 WorldCat member libraries worldwide.

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R-hu by Leslie Scalapino Book 2 editions published in in English and held by 72 WorldCat member libraries worldwide. Audience Level. Related Identities. Associated Subjects. Goda, Dee Goda, Dee English Starving children in herds are blue as if they are aliens. On the red wheat fields which don't exist -- then, one wasn't born. People say about this But they were wealthy, yet themselves have far more. It isn't produced by the events per se.

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But must be its extremity, while not arising from it. On a hot vast terrain of fields per se , there are no people. I could only repeat that. It's its relation. Yet in extremity, not discounting occurrence and being that itself, the visual is an event itself. The worm ate the red wheat field -- fields are empty -- on indigo night. Hatred is. So one cannot say it, as the occurrence is relative. The MacDonalds and Sony companies by the brothels -- on the canals she's been sold at fourteen. There is therefore not an intellect that can see this as differentiated from moon that's eliminated and so sentiment -- this is not to be 'seen' but 'giving up' as a kind of relaxing to be inverted in one only.

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The roots 'existing' yet not there of plants on stalks upright on stems -- the wildcat, one -- one would fly toward one if barred. And it wasn't barred. An ibex with only one horn and a red little tongue sticking out -- green bands as if tattoos on the face -- city, 'suffering emergence' seen. This may be Egypt in her and she isn't there.

Leslie Scalapino: R-hu

And cattle. Dancers carry Ibex on uncovered palanquin or litter. She is kneeling on her knees and on her arms which are curved backward, have hooves on them like the ibex's legs. A black satin wedge-vulva is sewn between her legs and is visible on her front. To conflate actual time, to make the past be actually the present by making its motions.


I don't want to do that. I want the present to occur, yet that isn't anything.

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The romantics thought imagination to be expression of one, that was 'discovered' -- even a violation of nature. The volatile inner rim is itself in occurrence.

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