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Same apartment in the same town Love them both! Family, friends, pets are the same in addition to a delightfully ever expanding circle! Continuing to embrace life long learning through Renaissance Institute, reading, researching and writing Member of the chorus - love singing in a group again after all these years! Continuing to paint Actively incorporating creativity and beauty in all aspects of every day life. My balcony is abundant with flowers and herbs!

Lots of new friends from RI and Newcomers Since last year I've taken courses in astronomy, ballet, Baltimore, biographies, memory scrapbooking, modern art, opera, spiritual potpourri Joined Ladew Gardens Joined a gym; taking weight training Wrote, designed, delivered and illustrated Enhancing Your Life with Herbs course with 6 e-books Finalized Take the Rose - guaranteed weight loss course, and coaching clients In the past year I've created several hundred illustrations of herbs for my courses and books Completed NaNo WriMo - 50, plus words in a month.

Easy and delicious! Mycala has been raving about Baby Artichokes they aren't actually baby - just a different variety of the globe artichokes, which I also adore. The larger variety are a lot more work because they have a hairy choke that you need to scoop out before serving. The "baby" has no "choke" so it is very easy to prepare! I actually purchased them because of the gorgeous colors.

Hidden Treasures of the Bible - Chuck Missler

They were simply begging me to take them home and get out the watercolors, so I decided I may as well do "another paint first, eat later" meal. The outer leaves peel off easily, then cut off the stem, trim the top about a third of the way down, and halve or quarter. Drizzle with lemon juice, top with shredded parmesan cheese, home made bread crumbs, smoked paprika and drizzle with olive oil.

Bake for about 20 minutes in a degree oven. And if you have fresh parsley growing in your garden or window box top with a few fresh leaves before serving. A few sliced tomatoes and dinner is served! Kestral This one is from the archives but worth repeating! It's been a long bitter winter in Maryland, and the birds are finally beginning to share their songs again.

This morning I saw a robin and her baby scratching for earth worms when Zippy and I took our morning walk. A cardinal perched in a gingko tree looked as beautiful as he sounded against the fan shaped leaves. I'm still looking for my first Baltimore Oriole now that I'm living in Baltimore. I'm a dedicated baseball fan so I see the non-feathered specimens almost daily!

Birds add vibrant color to our world. But do you know that at one time their feathers lacked the beautiful variations we see today? An African American legend explains that at the beginning of time a torrential rain fell on the earth. When it ended, the world was gifted with a glorious rainbow. No one had ever seen such brilliant colors! The birds were the first to see it and the flew swiftly to get closer, joyfully flying in and out of the brilliant, iridescent arch! As they passed through the colors, their feathers were painted the gorgeous colors of the rainbow! The cardinal fell in love with the red and spent most of his time flying in and out of the crimson stripe!

The goldfinches were charmed with the yellow, staying predominantly in that area! Blue birds favored the blue, weaving in and out of the glorious blues. Other birds, such as the kestral, flew through several different colors. This caused stripes and spots of colors to form on his beautiful feathers! The swift and exuberant hummingbird flew merrily in and out of every color, causing him to have his own iridescent rainbow, delightfully visible when the sun catches his feathers.

Two of our most delightful treasures, color and birds, working in harmony to create beauty that we see every day if we just stop to notice! When we think of 'feeding' ourselves, our first thought is "when do we eat!

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This afternoon was a delicious reminder of all things sensuous. The experience was self indulgent and not something I would do for myself. The Copper scroll also discusses the location of hidden treasure, although not from Solomon's Temple.

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Professor Davila said this might reveal a tradition of inscribing lists of treasures on metal. However, Professor Davila is the first to translate the text into English. The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline. Former lady-in-waiting Anne Glenconner tells how she and the royal confided in each about their cheating husbands and she introduced her to lover Roddy Llewellyn then said: What HAVE I done! Share this article Share. Share or comment on this article: King Solomon's treasures revealed: Newly translated Hebrew text lists legendary riches - including the Ark of the Covenant e-mail. | Psychotherapy | Anger

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Tempted by the mystery and still struggling to overcome his oxy habit, in April Eric moved to Colorado Springs, where he had some friends. The change of scenery was just what he needed. He kicked the pills, his friends say, and found a job as a server at Edelweiss, a kitschy German restaurant. He lived in his car for a while to save money and started dating Jamie Longworth, a local medical marijuana grower.

He often stayed up late after waiting tables, smoking weed and compiling clues on his laptop. He tracked possible locations for the treasure on maps, homing in on Royal Gorge Park an hour away. He enjoyed the intellectual puzzle of it all. Brown, who had lived in the Gorge. He urged Eric to take precautions. When he told Longworth where he was headed, she urged him to reconsider. Ten days later, Paul received the anonymous call while he was greeting wedding guests.

A few days later, he was contacted by detective Sterling Jenkins, a stocky, goateed officer who specialized in marijuana enforcement. It could be a hoax. Paul Ashby holds a copy of the contract drawn up by his son on the day he disappeared. The document stipulates that Eric will split the treasure among those hunting with him, should it be found.

A Deadly Hunt for Hidden Treasure Spawns an Online Mystery

But unlike Bilyeu, who had attended Fenn book events and was immersed in the Searcher community, Eric was unknown to other treasure hunters. He rarely shared his hunches online, and he often went treasure hunting alone. Though she and Eric had grown up in different states, she in Florida and he in Tennessee, the siblings were in touch often.

She then provided a screenshot of a Facebook message that Nies, who had worked with Eric at Edelweiss, had sent her on Saturday, July 8, just hours after Paul got his mystery call, and 10 days after Eric had gone missing. Nies said that she was with Eric and three of her friends that day. Eric drowned in the river unfortunately.

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Im sorry to tell you like this, you deserve to know. The note from Nies should have put an end to the sleuthing, but it only seemed to spark new clues and paths to investigate. In that vacuum, and in the heated detective atmosphere of the treasure hunt, rumors flew: It was a fight that landed Eric in the water, a scheme to steal the treasure from Eric and leave him behind.

The most vexing question remained: If four people had watched a man disappear underwater, why did they wait 10 days to tell anyone? That delay stoked its own conspiracies. She pleaded for help in finding her brother. Albritton and a cousin made the drive from Florida to Colorado in four days. They arrived in Colorado Springs and checked in to a hotel. Albritton cued up Facebook Live as she approached the car, video streaming—just in case anything happened.

Heart pounding, she grabbed it and sprinted back to their car. When she flipped the book open, she found a handwritten contract between Eric, Nies, and her friends agreeing to share whatever treasure they might find—51 percent for Eric and 49 percent to be split among the others. Albritton held the contract with a shaky hand. She reported what she had found to the Colorado Springs detectives.

Alarmed, Paul flew to Colorado Springs to search for answers. He met with Jenkins, who took him out to the spot on the Arkansas River where Eric had last been seen. Jenkins told him that two photographers had been taking pictures of whitewater rafters that day and called after witnessing a possible drowning. But there was no way of knowing if the person had been Eric—the victim was unidentified and no body had been found.

The people who were with him had been questioned, but Jenkins had not yet reached any conclusions. Desperate and sleepless, Paul called his brother, an Army specialist, for advice. If no one else could find his son, then Paul wanted to search the rapids himself. A Fremont County coroner later identified the victim as Eric Ashby.