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Video Synopsis Transcript Storyboard Clips. This programme follows Kim a heroin addict who has just had a baby. Nadia, a teenager, whom social services want to extend her stay in a secure unit to protect her from the influences of her older boyfriend.

Also there are concerns for a couple who are expecting a baby. The Mother has already had three children from a previous partner taken into care as she had a drinking problem and Ad. Someone to watch over me 2 This series follows a year in the life of Bristol Social Services and the concerns Nadia, a teenager, who social services want to place in a secure unit to protect her from the influences of her older boyfriend, and baby Sam parents who are under suspicion due to Sam having 5 unexplained broken ribs.

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Someone to watch over me 4 This series follows a year in the life of Bristol Social Services and the concerns Kim and Adam who are allowed to bring their new born baby home although Kim had a drinking problem and Adam, mental health problems. Amie a social worker who is attacked and a family who ask social services for help in paying for food, gas and electricity.

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CCTVs do not work for all types of crime. Burglaries and vehicle thefts are offences which the cameras do seem to prevent. But they have less effect on vandalism, assaults and public disorder offences. The Home Office report distinguishes between crimes against property and crime against people. Thomas also sounds a note of caution.

MIT’s mental health services are undergoing significant change.

One of the problems common to all crime prevention schemes is that criminals may simply ply their trade elsewhere — a phenomenon known as displacement. An obvious instance of displacement came to light in the Sutton study, where thieves stopped stealing on the streets where they could be caught on camera and started stealing from people in shops instead.

Cameras were installed in the centre of Newcastle in December and since then shop burglaries in the city centre have fallen by 57 per cent. And the Home Office did not find any evidence of displacement in Newcastle. But have these crimes really been prevented?

The question is not easy to answer. In the part of Newcastle covered by the cameras the 57 per cent fall works out at 23 fewer burglaries every month. In the entire Northumbria police region there are nearly burglaries every month. Would another 23 be noticed?

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Barrie Irving, director of the Police Foundation — a criminology research group — is cautious. Are people who were previously convicted in one area starting to turn up in other areas?

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The effect of the cameras can also fade after a while. In Newcastle the cameras initially produced a large drop in thefts of vehicles, but eight months later the effect seemed to wear off and vehicle thefts rose sharply. The Home Office found in its Newcastle study that criminals are starting to test the cameras to see what they can get away with and how long it takes the police to arrive at the scene of a crime. Even if the effect of CCTV on crime prevention is debatable do the cameras help police to arrest criminals and to convict the guilty?

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The Home Office report only looked in detail at how cameras influenced arrests and convictions in Newcastle. It quotes the local police commander as saying that almost all the people arrested as a result of the scheme admitted their guilt after being shown the videos. Although the cameras may not prevent assaults they may help the police respond faster. The quick response could prevent a minor incident getting out of hand.

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The cameras can also help the police to sort out conflicting versions of events given by eyewitnesses. However, one of the most intractable problems, says Irving, is that the cameras produce a bewildering amount of information.

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The police are not always sure when to react.