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A number of Anaya critics and at least one Chicana novelist view his young protagonist's path to adolescence as a spiritual search for a personal identity. The result embodies the synergistic integration of both the cultural and biological aspects of his indigenous and European inheritances as the creation of something new. This model repudiates assimilation to the mainstream culture, but embraces acceptance of our historical selves through creative adaptation to the changing world around us. Margarite Fernandez Olmos comments on the novel's pioneering position in the Chicano literary tradition: " Bless Me, Ultima blazed a path within the Chicano literary tradition in the [genre] novels of identity in which the main characters must redefine themselves within the larger society from the vantage point of their own distinct ethnicity.

In an interview with Margot Kelly, Chavez concludes, "Anaya maintains that the kind of protagonist who will be able to become free is a person of synthesis, a person who is able to draw. Michael Fink uses a wider lens to suggest that Anaya's seminal novel is a contribution to identity and memory politics that provides us with "a set of strategies of transcultural survival. Anaya uses strategies that employ the need for a mentor, and the return to ancient spiritual roots encompassing belief in magic, mysticism, and the shaman's trance.

Cynthia Darche Park focuses on the shaman ' s initiation [d] as the spiritual experience that allows Antonio's transcendental integration of the conflicts with which he is struggling:. Through all that has transpired between them Antonio is ready near the end of his journey with Ultima to descend into the vast underworld, the great void of the unconscious where there are no divisions —neither of body and soul, nor time and space, nor matter and spirit. The mythos of any community is the bearer of something which exceeds its own frontiers; it is the bearer of other possible worlds His reconstructive analysis shows how Antonio, as narrator, solves and resolves his troubling metaphysical questions through a series of revelations mediated by Ultima and her otherworldly connections.

As more and more is revealed to Tony, a transcendent reality is disclosed which is both temporal, insofar as it envisages eschatological salvation; and spatial, insofar as it involves another, supernatural world. An ideology is a set of ideas that constitute one's goals, expectations, and actions. An ideology can be thought of as a comprehensive vision, as a way of looking at things compare worldview , as in several philosophical tendencies see Political ideologies , or a set of ideas proposed by the dominant class of a society to all members of this society a "received consciousness" or product of socialization.

Because healing is Ultima's mission, Antonio's relationship with her includes accompanying her to gather the curative herbs she knows about through tradition and spiritual revelation. With her Antonio visits the sick and begins to grasp a connection between healing and nature even though he never receives an explicit scientific or grounded explanation for how she foretells future occurrences, heals the infirm, combats witches through casting spells, or when and why she decides not to intervene. With Antonio, Ultima's relationship as healer is also one of teacher.

Cynthia Park considers the relationship between those two roles, and abstracts a set of life-giving principles that form the basis for Ultima's way of knowing. Susan Landt, a teacher in St. Norbert College, proposes that multicultural literature will take a wide range of perspectives from individuals within historically marginalized groups.

Candace Morales, a graduate student pursuing a Masters of Science in Education while concentrating in Reading, proposes that in a curriculum that utilizes Bless Me Ultima as a piece of multicultural literature, it must be timed appropriately.

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As of [update] , Bless Me, Ultima has become the best-selling Chicano novel of all time. The New York Times reports that Anaya is the most widely read author in Hispanic communities, and sales of his classic, Bless Me, Ultima have surpassed , After Quinto Sol's initial publication of Bless Me, Ultima in , critics by and large responded enthusiastically.

The general consensus was that the novel provided Chicano literature with a new and refreshing voice. This is a remarkable book, worthy not only of the Premio Quinto Sol literary award. By , four years after Bless Me Ultima's initial publication, the new author was finding fans and fame among Chicano readers and scholars. He was in high demand as a speaker and the subject of numerous interviews primarily among journalists and publicists who were Chicanos or deeply interested in the development of Chicano literature.

In the preface to his interview with Anaya reprinted in Conversations with Rudolfo Anaya , Ishmael Reed states that, Bless Me Ultima , as of July 1, , had sold 80, copies without a review in the major media. For twenty-two years after the novel's initial publication its only availability through a small publisher notwithstanding , the novel sold , copies primarily through word of mouth.

Terri Windling described the re-issue as "an important novel which beautifully melds Old World and New World folklore into a contemporary story".

In early , Superintendent Bob Conder of the Norwood School District had banned Bless Me, Ultima in Norwood High School after a group of parents objected to the profanity and other themes the book contains; he himself had not read it but did enough reading to make the decision on the basis of the themes presented. In protest of the decision, on February 5, , students formed a sit-in while reading passages from the center of the school gymnasium. In Orestimba High School on November 23, , Superintendent Rick Fauss from the Newman-Crows Landing Unified School District banned the book on the grounds of a parental complaint that it was unsuitable for children due to profanity and anti-Catholic messages; teachers complained about Fauss's decision as he overrode school board decisions at Stanislaus County Office of Education and Modesto City Schools that both came up with the conclusion to keep the book within the curriculum.

However, the policy's responsibility was then handed over to the school board of Newman-Crows Landing Unified School District after Fauss stayed with his ban even after two panel decisions made up of educators within the district and outside the district. The book may utilize a critical lens of Catholicism , the overall theme of a child coming to terms with the world around him and forming opinions is a valuable story for all children and parents: "The deeper message is one that many readers who would censor this novel must also believe: no one but God is all-powerful, and the mystery of life cannot be known entirely by human beings.

This message might be the common ground to initiate any discussion around this kind of censorship challenge". Theresa Larkin, a theatre arts professor at Cal State L. It was directed by Valli Marie Rivera and again adapted by the author himself. The final performance took place on November 19, Variety reported on March 2, [66] that Christy Walton , heiress to the Walton fortune, had set up Tenaja Productions company solely to finance a film adaptation of Bless Me, Ultima.

Franklin of Monarch Pictures. Walton and DiLeo shared a passion for the book, and the latter had succeeded in convincing Anaya to agree to the adaptation over six years back. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Book by Rudolfo Anaya. For the film based on the novel, see Bless Me, Ultima film. Main article: Bless Me, Ultima film.

Then the initiate is integrated as a new being with the gnosis of the finite and the infinite, the sacred and the profane, the male and the female, the good and the evil. Every contradiction resides within. The shaman emerges through mystical ecstasy with the wondrous power to put us in touch with the perfection of the Universal Oneness. The Americas. Bless Me, Ultima: Fictional response to times of transition. Anaya: Focus on Criticism. Tribune Business News.

Jean-Jacques Rousseau (1712—1778)

The McClatchy Company. August 14, The Expanding Canon.

January 8, Retrieved April 2, Knight Ridder Tribune Business News. Document ID: In Christine Dunn Henderson Ed. Narratives of a new belonging: The politics of memory and identity in contemporary American Ethnic Literatures. Chapter 4 " The Search for a Sense of Place". Rudolfo Anaya: 'The Chicano worldview'. Publishers Weekly, 23 , Retrieved January 8, , from Research Library Core. Rudolfo A. Anaya: A critical companion. Westport, Conn: Greenwood Press.

Archived from the original on Retrieved Anaya: Focus on criticism pp. Bless Me, Ultima. Bless Me Ultima.

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