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Magnet therapy and Acupuncture

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Guaranteed service. International Shipping available. Other Books By Author. There are other contraindications. Lawrence M. Rosch M. Contact Us. Universal Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine. Skip to content. Magnets can be routinely disinfected for repeated use. Reduce medical costs and reduce environmental pollution. Magnet size is small, it only uses a breathable tape or anti-allergic tape, medical materials required is simplified. No treatment at the clinic is required. Medical professionals can treat patients almost everywhere.

It is convenient. It simplifies medical professional training. However, when the symptoms are gone, for the chronic situations, there is no hurt to extend the therapy for some time to consolidate the effect. Or, the cause of the health issues persistently exists.

Magnet Therapy for Depression

If the magnetic direction is putting wrong and comes out the side effect s , reverse magnetic, you can correct them. In addition, if seeing any side effect s , after the magnet removed, the side effect s will disappear in a short time. Note: A book mentioned that the long-term use of a fixed magnet can attract hemoglobin iron be attracted and causes blood stasis.

This point has not been proven. Why Need Magnet Therapy? People live in higher story buildings and wearing isolated shoes that prevent feet from contact the ground to balance with the earth magnet directly. Earth magnet is depleted by nature and mined to use for high tech applications.

The Scope of The Magnet Therapy Depends on the different resources have different application scopes. Surgical diseases: acute and chronic soft tissue injury, thrombo-angiitis obliterans, osteoarthritis, Osteochondritis, peri-arthritis of shoulder, tennis elbow, tenosynovitis, fibromatosis, frostbite, prostatitis, hematoma, cervical spondylosis, bursa Inflammation, residual limb pain. Neurological diseases: neurosis, trigeminal neuralgia, facial muscle twitching, vascular headache, neuritis and so on. Pediatric diseases: simple infant diarrhea, enuresis and so on. Dermatological diseases: sclerosis erythema, capillary hemangioma, neurodermatitis and so on.

ENT diseases: central retinal choroiditis, simple glaucoma, acute and chronic pharyngitis, supraorbital neuralgia, mandibular joint dysfunction syndrome, toothache, chronic non-suppurative parotid gland enlargement, pericoronitis. Magnetic Therapy Types In general, use the small and weak magnet for the general public use. Avoid putting magnets on the lower abdomen of pregnant women to avoid miscarry. Do not use for young kids especially they like to put things in mouth, or metal retarded persons.

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Use caution in the body with a foreign metal object. Do not use for the severe heart, liver, lung, kidney, and blood disease patients. Avoid applying magnets to the extremely weak constitution or allergy 6 or acute infectious diseases, high fever patients. The total number of white blood cells below 4. Bleeding or bleeding tendency patients 6. To avoid the misuse of positive and negative fields.


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Avoid putting magnets on the big blood vessels. Use Caution for the Magnet Therapy Below 10 years old young kids or elderly or weak person, the magnet strength should be reduced. The heart area should not use a strong magnet to avoid interference with the heart beating.