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Lees de eerste pagina's. Reviews Schrijf een review. Bindwijze: E-book. Direct beschikbaar. Verkoop door bol. Ebook Op verlanglijstje. E-book is direct beschikbaar na aankoop E-books lezen is voordelig Dag en nacht klantenservice Veilig betalen. While sailing under French crown, Italian navigator Giovanni da Verrazzano left his mark in history by exploring much of the western North America coast. Immediately after Christopher Columbus discovered West Indies, all seafaring European governments quickly formed their exploratory fleets and sent their greatest sailors to the west.

The first one who followed Columbus was Italian John Cabot, who while sailing under English flag became second European who set his foot on North America.

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France became known for their explorers after the discovery of Americas in the 16th century. Their explorers charted the northern parts of America, most notably by Jacques Cartier, who first claimed the land today known as Canada as a part of France. In the first half of the 16th century, just few decades after Christopher Columbus discovered America, Cabeza de Vaca and the group of Spanish explorers went to the new world wand experienced troubles like no one before them. Here you can find out his life story of adventure and exploration. As one of the most famous 16th century explorers from France, Jacques Cartier will forever be remembered for his discoveries in North America.

Among his greatest achievements was naming of the land that is today known as Canada. History of River of Mississippi cannot be told without describing the life of Father Jacques Marquette, Christian priest that accompanied Louis Joliet in his discovery of central America.

Here you can find out everything about his life and journey that made his name immortal. Samuel de Champlain is the most popular and influential French explorer of all time. His discoveries enabled France to take foothold in the North American continent, and his formation of the Quebec City proved to be an ignition for the creation of the country of Canada.

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Explorers from Norway provided many great discoveries over the last one thousand years. After the initial wave of discoveries by the Vikings Iceland, Greenland, and first trip to North America around AD , many 19th century Norwegian explorers went on dangerous missions to North and South Pole. This two missions to the north regions established base for all future explorations of Polar Regions.

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He was Nordic navigator Leif Ericson, son of a Eric the Red, and an explorer whose name will live forever. During his several polar journeys in early 20th century, he managed to be first man of South Pole and was the first to visit both poles. Here you can read about great Scottish explorers and adventurers and the legacies they left behind.

Alexander Gordon Laing is today remembered as one of the casualties of the early 19th century exploration of Africa. However, before he died he managed to become first European to reach the isolated city of Timbuktu. Scottish explorer of the North American continent and Northwestern passage became famous when he managed to find the location of the cursed Franklin expedition. Learn more about his life and exploits here. Sir Alexander Mackenzie is a famous Scottish explorer who managed to become first European who performed overland crossing of North America from East to West Coast above the territories of Mexico, predating the famous expedition of Lewis and Clark for 10 years.

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Famous European Explorers. Douglas Mawson Douglas Mawson was a famous geologist and adventures who managed to become one of the most famous Australian explorers of the frozen continent. Ernest Shackleton Exploits of this English explorer proved to be instrumental in the exploration of the Antarctic. George Everest George Everest was famous Welsh geographer and surveyor that is best remembered today by the Mont Everest, the tallest mountain in the world that was named after him.

George Vancouver George Vancouver was famous British Navy officer and navigator who is today best remembered by the Canadian city of Vancouver which carries his name. Henry Hudson Early years of 17th century were marked by the discoveries made by several English explorers. James Cook Best-known exploits of this famous English explorer happened during his numerous journeys in the Pacific.

John Franklin Publications of the life story of British Royal Navy officer and explorer John Franklin is today regarded as one of the starting points of the so called age of Heroic Age of Antarctic Exploration. John Ross John Ross was a British explorer who sailed toward North Sea more than 70 years before brave heroes of polar discovery started their journeys toward North and South Pole. John Smith John Smith is today remembered as one of the most celebrated figures in the early history of North America.

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Joseph Banks Joseph Banks is remembered in the history of World and England as one of the most influential botanists and scientific patrons of his time. Ranulph Fiennes He is well known British adventurer most famous for his on foot crossing of the Antarctica from one side to the other, via the pole. Simon Fraser Simon Fraser is today remembered as one of the important figures in the 19th history of Canada, whose exploits as explorer and cartographer formed the modern borders of British Columbia.

Sir George Back Sir George Back is remembered today as one of the most distinguished explorers of the Canadian waters, mapping of unexplored lands and nature. Sir John Hawkins Sir John Hawkins is today remembered as a famous military commander and slave trader that had great impact in the defense of the England against powerful Spanish Armada in , and the numerous fights against Spanish forces throughout his entire life.

Sir Martin Frobisher The exploits of Sir Martin Frobisher remain remembered today as one of the first tries of English explorers to chart the waters surrounding Canada.

Sir Richard Grenville Sir Richard Grenville is today remembered as one of the most famous naval military commanders of 16th century. Sir Richard Hawkins Famous English explorer and military officer Sir Richard Hawkins is remembered today for his adventurous life at the end of the 16th and early 17th century. Sir Walter Raleigh Sir Walter Raleigh is today best remembered as the greatest source of information regarding the stories about mystical Central American city of El Dorado.

Thomas Cavendish This famous English explorer was the first man who has deliberately circumvented the Earth in late 16th century. Vivian Fuchs He is very successful English explorers and the first man who successfully led the nine day overland crossing mission of Antarctic in in which he visited the South Pole. These men rallied around Diego de Almagro the younger, son of Diego de Almagro and a woman from Panama. The old conquistador put up a good fight, taking down one of his attackers with him. With Pizarro dead, the Almagrists seized Lima and held it for almost a year before an alliance of Pizarrists led by Gonzalo Pizarro and royalists put it down.

The Almagrists were defeated at the Battle of Chupas on September 16, Diego de Almagro the younger was captured and executed shortly after that. The cruelty and violence of the conquest of Peru is undeniable—it was essentially outright theft, mayhem, murder, and rape on a massive scale—but it is hard not to respect the sheer nerve of Francisco Pizarro. With only men and a handful of horses, he brought down one of the largest civilizations in the world. His brazen capture of Atahualpa and decision to back the Cuzco faction in the simmering Inca civil war gave the Spaniards enough time to gain a foothold in Peru that they would never lose.

By the time Manco Inca realized that the Spanish would not settle for anything less than the complete usurpation of his empire, it was too late. As far as the conquistadors go, Francisco Pizarro was not the worst of the lot which isn't necessarily saying much. Other conquistadors, such as Pedro de Alvarado and his brother Gonzalo Pizarro, were much crueler in their dealings with the native population.

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Francisco could be cruel and violent, but in general, his acts of violence served some purpose, and he tended to think his actions through much more than others did. He realized that wantonly murdering the native population was not a sound plan in the long run, so he did not practice it.

There is a statue of him in Lima and some streets and businesses are named after him, but most Peruvians are ambivalent about him at best. They all know who he was and what he did, but most present-day Peruvians do not find him much worthy of admiration. Share Flipboard Email. Christopher Minster, Ph.