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But… Stew: Yeah. When his friend Fedora Echeveria agrees to play along for one night, everything goes well—a little too well. Will Diane dare to risk her heart and recapture the love they lost? When her world crumbled, he was the only one to comfort her. But when the past resurfaces and Lance Turner becomes the hottest new hero in her city, she wonders if this is her second chance. Don't want to miss an ebook sale? Sign up for our newsletter, and you'll get the week's available deals each Friday.

General Bitching But, then to add the Lund family to the mix, there is a high end grocery chain here owned by the Lund family. Now I really have to have it! James is awesome at creating complex families and realistic characters; I think the third book in the series is my favorite so far. Different publisher, maybe? I wish these sale posts had the writing style and tense included.

Then again, having to search out that info is a good impulse control for me, but less affiliate link revenue for SBTB. No Googling necessary. Well I certainly put in some unnecessary work; I impulsively one-clicked it, then when I settled in on my lunch break to start reading it, I had to log back into my Amazon account to return it.

Jayne Ann Krentz: Deep Waters 1.

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Hoping for a good one or two out of the bunch. Growing up in Michigan, several of my neighbors had Lund boats! By posting a comment, you consent to have your personally identifiable information collected and used in accordance with our privacy policy. A Certain Age. This book is on sale at:. Categorized: General Bitching Tagged: lorelei james , emma holly , beatriz williams , ainsley booth. Lisa J says:.

May 22, at am. MegS says:. May 22, at pm. DonnaMarie says:. Hope says:. Jacqueline Fangirl Musings says:. Ren Benton says:. Not enough exclamation points in the world for this forking book! Painfully good; the closing argument for why erotic romance should exist. Book Five in a series.

At His Insistence: The Billionaires Beck And Call, Part 4 By Delilah Fawkes

You have to start with The Siren, which is also amazing, but The Prince is a serrated, nearly mythological whirlwind of boarding school lust and kink out of control. Soren is the sword we all want to fall on. Naz is wrong. Everything about this book is wrong. And it's one of my top five erotic romances of all time. Along with book two, which is even wrong-er, even sexier and even bloodier. She wants to leave her husband.

He wants thirty days. What happens next is why this book is one of my top five erotic romances of all time. Unbelievably raw, detailed, and Insanely sexy as well. An agonizingly sexy tale about self-acceptance and love, Strong Enough follows brooding alpha Derek and young idealist Maxim as they slowly realize they need each other. In order to wriggle free of her friends' designs, Greta pretends to a date a sexy DJ Sparkling humor, deep female relationships, and delicious chemistry--all the things that make McGee queen of the quirky rom-com.

One of the best consensual non-consent romances I've ever read. McKenna uses her infallible zoomed-in lens to show Laurel's freedom and ecstasy when she plays Flynn's game. One of the best male sub books ever. Cop and alpha sub Mac is investigating a series of BDSM related murders, which brings him to Violet, a Mistress who will crack open his tough shell to the soft, gooey, hero heart underneath.

She cracks him open with kinky sex, in case you were wondering.

Abbie is running from a dangerous past. So is Alexi. They meet in London as Abbie pursues her dream of being a photographer and Alexi struggles to break free of his family. Money, secrets and sex about--not to mention the gorgeous London scenery. MacLean takes the villain from The Rogue Not Taken, and crafts him into a complicated, regretful alpha feminist.

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This series. I don't know what to say about it, except that there's a hunky, stoic prince he's the captive one and a cold, handsome Draco Malfoy-esque prince he's the one holding the stoic hunky one captive , and in the most delightfully fanfiction-like way, they hate each other and then obviously want to have sex with each other. Light fantasy. Sophie the college student barista has a massive crush on one of her customers And then she meets Luke outside the coffee shop It's all so wrong No one does alphaholes like Whit G, and Turbulence is a singing example of the magic of a jerk, crazy chemistry, tons of banter, and off-the-charts sex.

Camilla just wants her hunky scientist-neighbor to notice her--but when he does, he wants to play by his rules spoiler alert: they're kinky. Nerdy, sexy, perfect fun. They come together or not at all. A menage with amazing heat, amazing characters, and a page-turning story.

A virgin hires a male escort to have sex with her.

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He's French and agoraphobic and beautiful and the zoomed-in lens is intimate and sexy and perfect. Erotic romance at its finest--an examination of how sex and love intertwine and change people for the better. She's wanted Luka for years, but one terrifying night steals her virginity, her freedom, and ultimately her heart.

Complicated, erotic, genius. TW for non-consent.

Dark, captivity. Letty was bullied by Tate in high school, and when he turns out to be a student at her college, she's wary and doubtful. Another example of how a zoomed-in, intimate lens can create an obsessive, life-changing read. All of Hall's Spires stories deal with class, but Glitterland's examination of class in the nexus of economics, culture and education is superb.

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Not to mention Ash's struggle with mental illness--as the daughter of a bipolar woman and as someone with OCD, I valued how much care was layered into Ash's voice and perspective. But most importantly, the sex, affection and growth between the two characters transforms this romance into a work of art. Elle, a former slave returns to the South to spy for the Union Army, and Malcolm is infiltrating a Rebel stronghold. Danger, secrets and a sizzling attraction make this one a page-turning, riveting delight.

I highly recommend every single one of Shen's Sinners of Saint books! They are all ridiculously addictive and sexy AF. However there's something about stoic alphahole Trent and barely legal Edie that made Scandalous my absolute favorite of the series!

Fourth in a series but can be read alone. I talk a lot about intimate and zoomed-in lenses, I know, but this one is the grandmaster of intimacy. Capturing the intensity and confusion of first love, and unbearably beautiful, this book is Sexy Canon. Rana is her family's black sheep, and Micah is a tortured artist neighbor who catches her staring in at him through the window. They agree to a sex-only relationship RT Award winner for best Erotic Romance of Vivienne is in thrall to a powerful need, and when Jonah Marks finds out, he offers to help her.

What follows is a relationship as twisted as it is beautiful. Consensual Non-Consent. One of the mostly deeply erotic books I've ever read, at first the main characters only know each other by voice. Their relationship unfolds into a deliciously sexy and heartfelt union, and the setting is a real and vivid force. Perfect for fans of erotic slow burns.

Reese was the first man ever to submit to Corinne Now he's a millionaire come back to buy her company, years later, and kinky sparks fly. Male sub. Sexy prince Sebastian has gone missing, and it's up to brand-new Royal Guard Penny to track him down and bring him home. Power, sex, and laughs abound--not to mention angry kissing!!! War vet Archie Curtis comes to an isolated manor house to uncover evidence of treason and murder.