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If I remain committed to consciously creating the lifestyle I want, I know what it costs, and I am consistently on the lookout for all the ways I can get there the only thing that will keep me from getting there is giving up! Stay vigilant! This serves two purposes. One, when you get there, if your life is anything like mine, you are probably going to be tired!

After all that work I deserve to bask in the budget I dreamed up for a while before moving on to the next thing! Second, it is likely that the momentum I build getting there will carry me beyond my target. In all likelihood I will end up with more than my budget calls for. This is perfect! All the extra can go into savings for a couple years while I work to relax into my new lifestyle!

Time to take stock. Where am I? Am I earning more than I had budgeted? How much more? What percentage of that overage do I want to open up to spending and on what? Time to take a look at what I want to expand in my life and determine how much additional capitol I need for the next set of spending goals. Is it time for a boat yet?! Figure out what you desire, add it up, and go out and get it! Remember, until you have it — stick to the budget and live out your lifestyle according to plan!

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Episode 162: Socially Conscious Spending with Jane Mosbacher Morris

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Conscious Spending. Conscious Life.: An Uncommon Guide to Navigating the Consumer Culture

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